2018 Foals

Majestic Falcon
2018 Classic bay colt with Appaloosa LP
3/4 Appaloosa
1/4 Friesian
(Majestic Eros X Docs Foxxy Dream)
Foaled 5/15/18
Should mature to 15h
Registered with FHH _Friesian Heritage Horse

Falcon reminds me of a Morgan QH gelding that I used to have named Macaroni. We did a lot together- he had the heart for speed; cross country 20-30 miles a day, barrels, poles, endurance racing, trails, hill climbing, etc. Mac was full of life 'til the day he died. He lived for 30 years. He lived only for attention and his next adventure. Mac had stamina from heaven; he never stopped; he never tired; he was always ready to go!
RIP Macaroni
Falcon should excel as a gaming horse as well.
Fiery, spirited, fast and solid built.
He has the heart for it along with stamina and endurance to excel in anything speed related,
whether it's chasing cans or cows!

Majestic Renegade
2018 Tri-color near leopard colt
w/Appaloosa LP
3/4 Appaloosa
1/4 Friesian
(Majestic Eros X RKR Eclyptical Starr)
Foaled 5/1/18
Registered with FHH - Friesian Heritage Horse

Lady Tetra
2018 Solid black filly
3/4 Friesian
1/4 Appaloosa
(Majestic Eros X Petronell)
Foaled 4/1/18

Lord Vidar Slayer
2018 Black colt
3/4 Friesian
1/4 Appaloosa
Foaled 3/31/18
(Majestic Eros X Mosie Elan)