About Us...

We were foundation Appaloosa breeders since the early 90's
but In 2008, we met a Baroque Friesian stallion
named Falcon and we absolutely fell in love!

So, we bought an Appaloosa mare that was bred to Falcon.
She foaled a beautiful black filly who we named Two Moons Jasmine!
We were hooked on this cross after working with this smart majestic filly!

We began our mission to find a Friesian stallion for our breeding program!
We started with leasing a purebred Baroque Friesian stallion,
Arie MMF aka Samson to breed to a few of our Appaloosa mares
We went from breeding foundation Appaloosas to breeding Friesian crosses!
We were extremely happy with the results!
Their affection, beauty, playfulness and intelligence cannot be matched!
There are so many disciplines these horses can do such as, driving, dressage, english, western, parades, mounted patrol, trick training, trails and more!

Truly a magnificent blend!

We purchased Majestic Eros aka Monkey Boy from Washington State
as a yearling. He is half Friesian, half Appaloosa and is the sire to most all
of our foals to date.
We also bought a purebred Friesian stallion, Viper sired by a fabulous 
Friesian named Fridse 423. He will begin breeding 2018.

The influence of light draft blood makes them even more
majestic & more to love!
We are proud to own and breed
these wonderful horses for ourselves and others to enjoy!
We are located in west central Kentucky
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