Mosie Elan
Wander 352 X Alma K
Mosie's foals are fabulous
in every way!
She produces a baroque style body on her foals; her foals are gentle, willing and smart and easily trainable for most disciplines 

Friesian mare
Approved Cross for

Neg panel and negative for hydro and dwarf 

Mosie's foals are

registered with

ASHDA and/or FHH  

and are eligible for SSB

Photo by Wendy Burke

Warn 335 X Tricia
Most of her foals have all been 2nd Premie (some were crossbred) but she always produces Friesian foals better than herself as she was a 3rd Premie (her shoulder was fractured when younger). This mare produced well-built elegant style foals every time!  


RIP Petra

*****we will miss you forever

Foals that she's had for us:




Amberfield's Ice Fantasy

Frenchee is a double dilute

Cremello mare AMHR #0163044

by endurance champion 

Morgan stallion,

Amberfield's Desperado

out of P-Hi Iron Maiden mare

This mare produces 


She was bred to our homozygous black

LP/lp stallion, Majestic Eros in 2019

Her 2020 foal is 

solid smokey black colt 

named Spider


She herself is a Baroque beauty with blue eyes, long flowing mane, long full tail and her movement is stunning!

Her babies have all had great minds

& great movement!



 Amberfields Ice Fantasy

AMHA #0163044

 Double Dilute Cremello 

2003 Morgan Mare

with blue eyes



Her last foal

1/2 Morgan

1/4 Friesian

1/4 Appaloosa

2016 smokey

black colt

named Charlie


foals are

registered with


(Friesian Heritage Horse)

They are also

eligible for


and some are eligible for Moriesian registry




Mountainview Lily

3/4 Percheron 1/4 Morgan mare


Lily foaled a big black & white

spotted colt on 4/11/17 named Loki 



BPR Teena Maria

Maria is a black snowcap mare

Regal Tie Dyed X BPR Dandy Santeena





BPR Teena Maria

Regal Tie Dyed X BPR Dandy Santeena

2004 black snowcap mare

ApHC #629692

  FPD ~ 90%

CRHA #7209




Doublesix Tobyanna

Anna is a black LP/lp roan mare

sired by Jayhawk Double 6

out of Pratt-Prairie-Girl



So far, all of her foals

have had color



(Jayhawk Double 6 X Pratt-Prairie-Girl)

2004 Black LP/lp

roan mare 

 ApHC# 631158   

93% ~ FPD  

CRHA #7210

ApAA #2392 






 Brandys Prairie Rose

Annie is a chestnut snowcap mare D Blazin Billy Jack X SWT. Amber Brandy

 Annie's foals have had great color every time

 Annie has Wild Hope racing bloodline


(D Blazin Billy Jack X SWT. Amber Brandy)

2003 Chestnut snowcap mare

ApHC #648262   

FPD ~ 87%

    CRHA ~ eligible    




Chitonkas Shiwea

 Sugar is a sweet, bay roan mare Summer's Flashy Dude X ACS Top Bar

Sugar has more of a refined build and very old bloodlines



Chitonkas Shiwea

(Summer's Flashy Dude X ACS Top Bar)

2000 Bay roan mare

ApHC #606738  

FPD ~ 83%     

CRHA ~ eligible  





 Miss Laceys Santafe

Lacey - black snowcap mare

Santa Fe Lancer X My Miss Ellie

Lacey's foals have all had color


Miss Laceys  SantaFe

 (Santa Fe Lancer X My Miss Ellie)

2000 Black snowcap mare  (blue roan on papers)

ApHC #599191  

FPD ~ 63%

  CRHA #7212 


No Impressive


Lacy's last foal
2016 black filly
named Pearl





Andrews Black Velvet
Classy Andrew X Andrews April Star

Velvet is a very sweet mare

with wonderful movement.

Not sure if it's a shuffle or not

but she floats proud and smooth



Andrews Black Velvet

Classy Andrew X Andrew's April Star

2001 black mare

ApHC #602509  

FPD ~ 80%  

CRHA #7208    


Hypp ~ N/N

Velvet's foals are

registered FHH

&  eligible for


Velvet's last foal
2015 few spot colt
named Blackjack



Zips Black Ice

Icy is a black mare with reverse coloring and spots

Zippo Zanzadude X CMS Lady In Black

Icy's first foal 2014 black colt with large blanket and spots named Masterflash

Icy's 2016 foal was a solid black colt with star named Smokey


Zips Black Ice

(Zippo Zanzadude X CMS Lady In Black)

ApHC #641507  

FPD ~ 43% 

CRHA #7207    



Foals are

registered with

FHH & eligible for


RKR Eclyptical Starr

(Heza Dun Legend X Lucki Silver Fox)

2009 tri-colored near leopard mare

ApHC #664345

FPD 50%       14.3h

Starr's last foal was a 2015 black few spot colt named Tin Man

She is currently bred to our Friesian Appaloosa stallion,

Majestic Eros and due April 2018

Docs Foxxy Dream

(UR A Bikini Dream X Docs Black Lightning)

2010 solid bay mare

hypp - n/n

ApHC # 670999

FPD 37%       14.3h



Photo by Jennifer Thomas

Kaniksus Sombrita

Miamis Leopard Bear X Kaniksus Shadow




Kaniksus Sombrita


ApHC black mare

Big, sweet mare

Future Mares


Our newest member of our mare kingdom!

Waps Dancing Artbeat

(Indian Artbeat X Waps Masquerade)

ApHC #680358           Foal date 5/19/15       16h

Simba is 100% Appaloosa. She will produce a 50% Friesian foal.

Her foal has a 50% chance of having color when she is bred to our solid, full Friesian stallion, Viper.

Looking forward to her foal in 2021.

Lady Conda Leezza aka "Condi"

(Majestic Eros X Petronell)

Foal Date 3/25/15

Condi is 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appaloosa.

She carries LP/lp so, her foal will have a 50% chance of having color
when she is bred to our solid, full Friesian stallion, Viper.

Her foal will be 87.5% Friesian

Looking forward to seeing this foal in 2021.